Partner post By Sofia Potente – Gut health practitioner – The Natural Switch.

One of the biggest myths when it comes to weight loss is it’s simple as calories in vs calories out.

The truth is our bodies are much more intelligent than that.

There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to how we metabolise and store fat and energy.

Liver function and toxicity, hormones, nutrient levels, stress and sleep all play a part.

And so does and our gut health!

 Here are 3 ways our gut health affects our weight.

Nutrient absorption – when our gut is healthy, we are better able to absorb the nutrients we need to produce energy, metabolise body fat and maintain a balanced appetite. On the flip side, poor gut health can lead to nutrient deficiencies and fatigue, leading to constant cravings and impaired metabolism.

Appetite control and cravings – ghrelin and leptin, the hormones that tell us when we are hungry and satisfied, are largely produced in our gut. For example, greater levels of Clostridium, and Ruminococcus in the gut are linked to higher levels of ghrelin.

Why is this important? Ghrelin sends signals to the brain, telling us to consume more food, take in more calories and store fat. It also affects our reward seeking behaviour and the way we metabolise carbohydrates.

An imbalanced gut is less able to regulate the production of these hormones and can also affect insulin resistance, leading to poor appetite control and the feeling of ‘never being satisfied’.

Microbiome balance and metabolism – did you know that obese people and healthy people have different microbiome compositions, when compared in studies? Certain strains of bacteria are more commonly associated with obesity. And how’s this for mind-blowing? A study in 2006 showed that when scientists transplanted the stool of obese mice into lean, germ-free mice, they became obese despite eating the same amount of food.  

Certain strains of bacteria produce butyrates, which help to protect us from inflammation, and regulating our metabolism and food intake. Over time, this can result in high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

The bottom line? Weight is just a SYMPTOM and focussing on calories to lose weight ignores how complex our bodies are.

Focussing on getting the body healthy is FAR more effective at helping the body to release weight.

Many have asked if my Healthy Gut Reset will help them lose weight.

In a nutshell – yes, it’s likely as a pleasant side effect!

While weight loss is not a direct goal of the program, it is highly likely to feel lighter at the end of the 8 weeks. In fact, previous participants experienced weight loss just a couple of weeks into the program.

By increasing nutrient dense foods, removing inflammatory foods, improving digestion and better manage our stress, a number of shifts occur.

Our body becomes more efficient at metabolising and releasing body fat and wastes. We are less likely to experience cravings as our hormones and blood sugar levels balance, and we reset the palate.

Further, mild intermittent fasting (12 hours overnight) is a part of this program, which is shown to stabilise blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and improve fat loss.

The program also incorporates mindful eating which is also shown to help with both digestion AND weight loss.

Personally, I also experienced this first hand and have released 12 kilos using this same approach.

My Healthy Gut Reset program is a powerful, proven 8 week program for women who are ready to beat the bloat, boost energy and digestion, and be the better, healthiest versions of themselves.

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Sofia – The Natural Switch