If you’re reading this you’re probably already tearing your hair out cos you’re constantly creating artistic masterpieces in the kitchen, trying to coax your fussy eater in to consuming healthy foods. Only to experience food refusal meal after meal after meal. It goes in the bin or in your own tummy, yet again………….

I know all about this. Meika has had me at my wits end with anxiety raging at every meal. That was up until about 8 months ago. Because of my anxiety around Meika’s gut issues and poor weight gain when things weren’t as they are today, I’d always cave at the end and give her the foods I know she would eat. I did this even though I knew they weren’t serving her. They were getting in the way of her reaching optimal health.

We went to speech pathologists, occupational therapists, Dietician’s, nutritionists. While they had our best interest at heart, we didn’t have much luck with their suggestions.

These are some things that have helped us.

  1. Get them involved.

Once old enough, get your kids involved in the whole process. This is probably earlier than you imagine. From shopping at the farmers market or supermarket, to prepping and cooking in the kitchen. Meika absolutely loves the whole process and enjoys the food a lot more when she has played a part in creating it. It’s actually fun for all involved and quality time well spent.

If they aren’t old enough to be hands on, pop their high chair near the bench as you prep the food and chat about the process and how yummy and nutritious all the food is as you make it.

grow your own food and teach children skills for life

  1. Grow your own and teach them skills for life

Grow food with them. Be it in pots on the deck or in a veggie patch. Getting them involved in the growing process, from seed to seedlings, watering, nurturing and harvesting. It’s such a great activity and you are teaching them skills for life. Check out Family Garden Life for ideas and inspiration.

  1. Make subtle changes each week

If you have the luxury of time, implement small changes to their diet each week. Try new foods and gradually take some of the less nutritious foods out of the diet as you build up the other. Don’t be afraid to introduce more interesting foods. A lot of fussy eaters I know love sushi and smoked salmon for example.

Of course if you don’t have the time, don’t keep the foods you want them to skip in the house. They can’t eat if if you don’t have it. A big step, they may be tantrums, but you will break the cycle if you don’t have ol’ faithful on hand. In our case it was rice crackers and rice cakes.

be a sly fox to turn things around with your fussy eater

  1. Be a sly fox

Hide those veggies wherever you can. Sneak steamed then frozen cauliflower and all the greens into yummy smoothies. Make veggie fritters and meat balls with lots of nutritious veg. Here’s a blog 10 TRICKS TO GET YOUR KIDS CONSUMING BONE BROTH– you’ll get the idea from here.

  1. Stay cool honey bunny!

Never get too fired up or angry at meal time (I know you’re probably at your wits end, that’s why you are reading this). If you feel like you’re going to crack it with your fussy eater, just excuse yourself and go skull a glass of wine in the pantry lol. Then return when you have calmed down. You don’t want them to associate meal time with parents that are losing their s*#t!

Our Fussy Eaters Program

If you don’t have the luxury of time to get your little ones to eat wholesome, healing foods, meaning they are unwell or just not quite right, and you need to cut out foods straight away, or, you are just totally ready to make a change. You’re just shaking your head about my suggestions above and how they will not work for you. Leave your email below in the form and I’ll keep you informed about my fussy eating program that will be running again in 2020

I was able to get Meika eating the nourishing foods I wanted her to, and cutting out the crap in a couple of weeks. I implemented my strategy extremely gently, with pre-planning and coaching Meika to a place where she took to it, to a level that was beyond my wildest expectations. I was only kicking myself for not trying it sooner. I want to help you do the same so I created a 5 week program to help people just like you achieve the outcomes I have that I have!

On my program, if you stick to it, you can get your child eating the diet you want within 4-5 weeks max, depending on how quickly you choose to implement the program.

Do you want change?

Are you tired of the anxiety and stress that comes with every meal time?

Are you ready to step up and put some proven procedures in place with a gentle guide from someone who’s been there before when nothing else worked?

If it’s a yes to all of these  and your child is between 20months and 5years, drop your email to be notified when it’s available and I’ll be in touch when enrolment opens.

In the meantime – hang in there! Try the ideas mentioned above. I know how tough it can be. You can turn things around!