Self-sabotage on your health and healing journey.

Do you keep starting your healing diet, exercise routine, spiritual or mindset practice and then go off track due to self-sabotage?

A voice in your head says, one bit of chocolate can’t hurt, but your gut is in a bad way, yes it will.

You decide to sleep in instead of going for your beautiful morning walk, having that quiet time, listening to the birds. That gets you pumped, positive and ready to start your day with a bang. Instead you feel sluggish and unmotivated.

You skip setting your mindset for the day by skipping your gratitude dairy entry, your morning meditation or whatever it is that you are working on, and you end up having an unproductive, unrewarding and stressful day.

This has been me! When I was breastfeeding Meika, it was not negotiable for to me to have that piece of chocolate, drink that glass of wine etc. as it was her health on the line. Now that my body is merely for me, I haven’t been treating it with the same love and respect.

Breaking a promise to yourself is worse than failing at something you are giving your all too.

You lose your self-respect and that’s not cool!

When I’m miserable and unhappy, I make poor choices and it leaves those closest to me feeling miserable and unhappy too.

No more!

Treat your body with love and respect - healing journey

I’m feeling grateful, because I’ve had a shift.

A shift in my mindset that has allowed me to stay on track and be true and kind to myself and I’m positive that will rub off to those around me.

This shift has come from doing work on me. Reading, audio books, listening to experts etc. There is so much help out there.

Every single one of you are a miracle! And yep, me too!

Do u know how many sperm didn’t make it to fertilize the egg to get you here? But you’re here and you are sooooooo worth it.

You deserve health.

You deserve happiness.

You are responsible for this.

No one else can walk this road for you.

So, if you are where I have recently been, here’s something you can do.

Write a letter to yourself! And better yet, forward your letter on to someone who you truly respect and ask them to keep you accountable.

  1. Write down what it is you want to achieve. Your Goal.
  2. Write down the Milestones (significant stages in your plan that measure your progress and symbolise success). This will help keep you accountable and focused. Consider what each milestone means to you and how you will reward yourself for achieving them.
  3. Take Daily actions – what must you do every day to achieve your milestones?
  4. Write down the hurdles you expect to face that will stop you from achieving your goal. When you can anticipate the hurdles you will face, you can plan on how you will negotiate them and power through.

(Thanks Michelle Bridges)

There’s so many other questions to ask yourself, this is clearly just a snippet.

Look deep within to find out what is blocking you from treating yourself as you deserve and from being the person that you wish you could be.

I hope this can help you as it has helped me.

Love and Light.

Meagan x

raspberries for healing