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Are you on a journey to better gut health? Or maybe you want to be?

Does worrying about how to best take care of yourself or your family keep you up at night?

As more research becomes available we are quickly realising that gut health is the most important factor to our health in general.

As parents, our greatest wish is to have healthy and happy children. And we need to be healthy and happy ourselves so we can be the best parents.

So… you know that improving gut health is essential to improving health in general, but gut healing is a journey, often a slow one. At times you will feel lost, uncertain of what to do next, ready for someone to give you a nudge towards what you might need, or share some first-hand experience and advice with you that will help you navigate your healing journey.

Enter, The Gut Healing Community!

Our mission at The Gut Healing Community is to support you on your journey to better health through sharing information and support.

Just starting? Already waded in? Either is fine. 

Let us be there for you for your next steps with quality resources, information and support.

What will you find here to help you?

Educational Programs so that you can navigate the gut healing world with ease.

Our Facebook group – The Gut Healing Community Support & Chat so that you can have a safe place to learn, share and be supported. 


Recipes so that you can eat simple and healthy meals without having to think up stuff out of thin air every night. And…… you can have the cake and eat it too – I’ve got gut friendly healthy treats up there too! You should never feel like you are missing out.


Our Blog so that can stay across the latest topics in the gut and low-tox realm and use our useful hints and tips to make your life easier.


The Shop so that you can purchase products that are clean and natural and will benefit you on your journey – yes we’ve done all the groundwork. Think cookbooks, healing wholefoods, ferments, eco products and other low-tox goodies. 

Ready to have information and support for the next step of your healing journey?

Our programs are designed to guide you through the jungle of gut healing. Knowledge is power. Know that you can feel supported and capable on the road to health.