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Let me show you how to supercharge your family’s gut and immune health with FERMENTED FOODs THAT YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE.




Wanna make all this stuff and more? 




 kind words from some Mumma goddesses!

These amazing women (and all testimonials below) follow The Gut Healing Community page, are members of the Facebook support group and are also in The Wholefoods, Low-Tox Mums Membership – I thought I’d plaster this positivity around! Thanks ladies – makes it so worthwhile!


Meagan and The Gut Healing Community have been an incredible support to me by sharing such valuable knowledge and resources that have enabled me to heal and restore my gut which has had an significant impact on my life. Meagan is caring, funny and such an expert in this area who genuinely wants to help.

Nat Stewart
Mum of 4


Meagan shares great gut healing recipes that are family friendly. Thank you Meagan! Your support during the more challenging times with our allergy/gut healing journey has been greatly appreciated.

Bec Maslin
Mum of 3

FERMENTING FOR FAMILIES – first round ever!

Have you been thinking of getting more fermented foods in to your life but are in need of some guidance and encouragement to take away the overwhelm?

Want to super charge your families gut and immune health with beneficial bacteria from simple and delicious fermenting recipes, without needing any fancy gadgets

Think you don’t have time or maybe you’re just a wee bit scared of the whole fermenting fandango? (Don’t beat yourself up, you’re human – we can help! – and pssst… It’s not scary and can be super quick!)

We are so excited to welcome you to our Fermenting for Families – no fluff, no pressure program! 

And with the way of the world right now, we could all use some extra help with our gut and immune systems.

With around 80% of immune cells residing in the gut, it’s time to nourish both yours and your family’s bodies. Let’s keep those bugs at bay by fueling your family with simple and delicious, nutrition packed fermented foods to compliment all the other amazing things that you’re already doing. 

We’re not aiming for perfection here!! Every little change adds up to great results. Let’s get fermenting!

how it all works

We kick off the fermenting program on Monday the 5th of October!!!!

Each week, for 12 weeks, you will gain access to a new fermenting recipe with a ‘how to’ video demo by Meagan & a written recipe to refer to, download, and even print if you fancy. Think fermented drinks, dips, relishes, yoghurts, sauerkraut, vegetables, fruit and more!! 

Life time access – Once you have access you can refer to these videos at any time – forever, so you don’t need to feel pressured to keep up. Make them when time permits and you’re in the mood. 

We have a Facebook group for members of the ‘Fermenting for Families’ program. You will have access to this group for the 12 weeks of the program to ask any questions, get feedback and share your fermenting amazingness with other gut lovin fermenters.  

How much? There is an option for a one off payment of $177 (save $21) or you can pay in 3 fortnightly installments of $66. I want to make it accessible for everyone!

There’s no need to be afraid of fermenting! With me by your side, you’ll be a fermenting rockstar in no time, nourishing yourself and your fam with confidence and ease!


the fermenting recipes

Each week for twelve weeks you will gain access to new, fun, fermenting recipes including:

  • Non-dairy yoghurt (3 ways)
  • Coconut water kefir (2 ways)
  • Cultured vegetables 
  • Immune boosting fermented honey garlic
  • Sauerkruat (2 ways)
  • Kimchi
  • Dips, salsa & relishes 
  • A variety of fermented drinks



the video demo’s

Cook along with me!

Each fermenting recipe will have a video demo so you will know exactly what to do, boosting your confidence and know-how.

You’ll have access to these forever in the online portal so you can refer back to them at any time. You’ll also get a downloadable pdf with the recipe on it to match.

I’ll demonstrate my tips, tricks and measures to keep fermenting safe and fun for your family. 


facebook group for help, support & advice

The Facebook group is there for you for support with any questions that you may have. Any trouble shooting or suggestions – I’ve got your back!

You’ll also want to share your pics of your amazing ferments and sticky beak as to what everyone else is creating in the kitchen.

Group will be open for the 12 weeks of the program. 


This is for you if:

  • You want simple easy fermenting recipes the whole family will enjoy.
  • You want to learn how to ferment safely so you’re not brewing up moonshine and getting the kids high or concocting some other crazy science experiments.
  • You want to save a heap of $$$$$ and stop buying expensive ferments from the shops – $17 a jar – whatttttttttt? Most of these recipes work out to a few dollars per jar – yes you heard right! You’ll easily make back you $ from the program in no time. 
  • You want to learn both fun and educational stuff about fermenting. Why you should enjoy them, how you should introduce them, how to use them carefully and safely etc.
  • You want to be a part of an amazing supportive group with me by your side to support and guide you. Come join us!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t want to make some positives changes to increase your microbe diversity and gut and immune health.
  • You don’t want to get even more nutrition from your food by eating ferments that make the goodness in your fruit and veg way more bio available and easy to digest and absorb.
  • You’re not wanting to be a part of something amazing!
  • You’re not in to wholesome, delicious, easy recipes to nourish your fam
  • You don’t want to learn anything more about nutrition, gut health, boosting your immunity, fermenting and more. 
When I discovered some gut health issues the hardest thing was knowing where to start! It’s a huge minefield of info out there on food intolerances and low-tox living, it was a bit overwhelming. When I found Meagan and The Gut Healing Community, it was a relief! Her knowledge on eating clean and eliminating toxins from our daily life made it so much easier. I love the simple delicious recipes she shares, and I’ve managed to make so many small switches in our house that it’s made a huge difference without it being hard at all. She’s so helpful and supportive and knows what works for young children too. Massive thank you! Xx

Jessica Osborn
Mum of 2


I’m really enjoying the simple recipes you have so thank you very much. It’s made life simplified and made me feel so much better inside and out. It’s amazing what a difference good food that’s wholefood can make to your life.

I really appreciate the effort you put into your community so that you can help others.

Thank you so much.

Becky Searles
Mum of 2



Meagan’s life was turned upside down a couple of months after the arrival of her beautiful daughter Meika who had serious gut issues. Her family had to make a sudden switch from the standard Australian diet to a new way of eating – Gut healing foods including ferments and wholefoods only. She now shares what she has learnt with others.

Meagan will teach you just how easy, beneficial and fun fermenting foods can be. 



I'm scared of fermenting. I don't want to poison my family and I'm frightened I'll stuff it up. Can you help me ferment safely?

We sure can. There will be a video about safe fermenting, how you should introduce them, trouble shooting and everything to look out for and prepare to make sure you’re producing gut loving ferments. 

I'm already really busy. How am i going to find time to fit this in?

The content in the program will be shared at a rate that is manageable to busy people like you and me. None of the recipes take long to make. The time is in the waiting for your foods to ferment – the shortest ferment – 12hours, the longest- up to 3 weeks. You will have lifetime access to the fermenting videos and recipes so there’s no need to stress. 

How much is the Fermenting for Families program and can I pay it off in installments?

You can pay a once off payment of $177 (saving $21) or you can pay in 3 x fortnightly installments from the date that you join the program. 

I already do some fermenting. Is this program right for me?

There is a variety of fermenting methods and so many amazing fermenting recipes to try. There’s sure to be something to inspire. Maybe you’ll find your fermented mojo that has been dwindling for a while now or you’ll want to try something different. 

I have no idea about fermenting. I don't even know where to start. wilL this all be too overwhelming for me?

No! There is really nothing that special or different about fermenting foods to your usual everyday cookng and food prep. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from nourishing your body and trying something fun and new.  You won’t get left behind and you can ease in to it at a pace to suit you. We are here to support you along the way. There is no pressure and no silly questions. 

some other reviews for Meagan & The Gut Healing Community

The Gut Healing Community has been a fantastic resource for delicious recipes that support my quest for living a life that supports an autoimmune conscious diet & lifestyle. Meagan is only too happy to help with any queries and goes above and beyond to support your journey ♡♡

Alexandra Lopez
Mum of 2


There is a wealth of such useful factual information at The Gut Healing Community. Meagan has such a vast knowledge and provides such great advice, recipes and genuine heart-felt support. I always enjoy what she shares so generously.

Lowenna Holt
Mum of 2