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Meagan had a calling to create a support group for people heading down a road similar to the one she embarked on a few years back. A place to share ideas, information and recipes. But most of all to let others that are going through a rough patch, know they are not alone.

Meet our team


Meagan Rayment - founder of the gut healing community. wholefoods, low-tox coach


Meagan has a giant heart and loves to help and support other’s that are going through the trials of gut health issues.

Her journey began not long after the arrival of her beautiful daughter Meika, who after her 6 week vaccinations had the onset of multiple food protein intolerances, over 3 years ago.

Meagan later had to rebuild her own gut after having to take Antibiotics, and all the family have had pretty crazy/scary issues after living in a house with toxic mould.

She knows how much of a struggle it can be to find answers and move forward, and is now an advocate for gut health education to help those that are stuck and struggling with their gut health.


christine barnes MWELL Naturopathic Doctor and group expert


Christine Barnes is one of Australia’s leading Clinical Naturopaths and is senior practitioner at The Body Guard Clinic.

Christine possesses a unique gift with the ability to understand complex health cases from a holistic viewpoint. Her understanding of functional medicine enables her to unwrap the complexities of even the most chronic health issues.

Christine generously offers her expertise to help answer questions in the group. She also does educational lives to keep us all informed about a variety of gut related health topics.



Sofia Potente - Gut Health Practitioner


Sofia Potente became a Gut Health Practitioner after her son’s struggles with his gut health.

Using a holistic approach of diet and nutritional medicine, her son’s health shifted from heavily medicated and destined for surgery, to now being well and thriving.

She now loves to help others also take back control of their own digestive health by addressing the underlying root cause.

Based in Sydney, Sofia works with women across Australia, through her online consultations and group program.

You’ll find her in the Gut Healing Community group answering member questions and providing educational content each week!

Our Facebook group

the gut healing community – support & chat group

Meagan created a safe space for people who are experiencing gut issues or have overcome them, to safely share our healing journeys. Our struggles and wins, gut health education, tricks and tips, recipes and toxin free living ideas. We have experts in the group that you can call upon when you need expert advice.

Active gut healing can be a difficult and lonely journey. Connecting with others walking a similar path can help lighten the load. Feel free to share your story and also reach out for support when it is all getting a bit too much. There is bound to be someone in the group who has been in your shoes before and cyber hugs don’t cost a thing.