Customised Meal Plan


Sick of cooking the same things?

I now offer a customised meal planning service which includes a 1 week meal plan.


Do you want to improve your gut health, eat cleaner or just take the brain strain out of thinking up what to feed yourself or the fam every single day? Not sure where to start?

Does planning your meals for the week seem overwhelming? And are you sick of cooking the same things?

Well I have some exciting news, I’m here to help!

I offer a customised meal planning service which includes a weekly meal plan for one week.

Take the guesswork and mental load out of your weekly meal planning.

These meal plans are fully customised for your way of eating, your unique goals, likes, dislikes and also takes any food intolerances and allergies into consideration.

The recipes are all super yum and super simple!

What does it include?
– 35 recipes which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks a day
– All recipes are created based on your answers from the ‘meal planning survey’.
– Shopping list for all ingredients.

How does it work?
Once you purchase from our shop, I send you a detailed survey to fill in.

Once I receive your completed survey, I start creating your customised 1 week meal plan and send it through via email once it’s done. That’s it!

Suggestions on how to use your meal plan:
There are a few ways to use the meal plans.

You can go 100% in, buy everything from the shopping list and get started straight away with all the delicious recipes.

Sometimes, this can seem a little too much if you are completely changing your way of eating. So another way I suggest to use the meal plan is to gradually change your habits week to week.

For example:
Week 1 – Start to implement the breakfast suggestions
Week 2 – Implement the dinner recipes
Week 3 – Implement the snack recipes
Week 4 – Implement the lunch recipes.

This way, you start small, creating lasting habits as you go along, which help with maintaining the new changes to your nutrition.

Both methods work, it’s just what works for you!

Additional 1 week plans can also be purchased at a reduced cost.