Customised Recipe Collection


Are you keen for fresh recipe inspo?

Then these customised recipe collections are for you!



Do you have some favourite meals that you want to stick to but are still keen for fresh recipe inspo?

Need some ideas for breakfasts? Soups? Slow cooker recipes? Anti-inflammatory? Low-histamine etc.

Do you have allergies and intolerances and need specific ingredients left out without your food tasting like cardboard?

Then the recipe collections are for you!

These collections include 30 recipes focused on the key area as requested, by you.

These plans are fully customised for your goals, likes, dislikes, intolerances and allergies.

The recipes are all yummy and simple.

What does it include?
30 recipes based on your individual requirements.

For example:
· 30 gluten & dairy free breakfast recipes
· 30 anti-inflammatory snack recipes
. 10 paleo breakfast, 10 paleo dinners, 10 paleo snack

All recipes are created based on your answers from the ‘recipe collection survey’.

How does it work?
Once you purchase this from our shop, I send you a detailed survey to fill in. Once I receive your completed survey, I start creating your customised recipe collection and send it through via email once it’s done. Too easy.