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Valery is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified Gut Health Coach, and an expert in gut health and leaky gut.

She had struggled with digestive problems, anxiety, panic attacks, brain fog, heart palpitations, skin problems, and fatigue for many years. Valery discovered the topic of gut health when her daughter developed severe full-body eczema. As a result, she was able to completely get rid of her daughter's eczema naturally without medication.

And once Valery addressed the root cause of her own health problems, which was leaky gut, she was able to take control of her symptoms and get relief that actually lasted.

Now she helps other women who struggle with leaky gut learn how to eliminate problematic foods, implement a leaky gut diet, and heal their gut in 8 weeks so they can beat the bloat, enjoy food again without fear & anxiety, be present with their family, and finally be in control of their symptoms.

Valery personally supports and guides other women to:

  • Remove problematic foods
  • Identify their unique triggers
  • Implement a leaky gut diet
  • Repair the gut lining
  • Address pathogenic overgrowth
  • Repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria
  • Restore the balance of the gut flora
  • And more!

If you have been looking for a roadmap and guidance to improve your gut health without anxiety and overwhelm, and want to end the vicious cycle of your symptoms and discomfort naturally, schedule a FREE discovery call through here. 

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