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do you care about gut health and clean living as much as us?

Need to get more eyes on your business from the people who need your help?

 If you offer services that could help people on their gut healing journey then this is for you!

Please read on below for our advertising packages and the opportunities to our advetise to your target market – our engaged communiy.

We are passionate about what we do at The Gut Healing Community and we love helping people and their families improve their health and expand their knowledge.

This includes showcasing products and services that add value to their journey.

Please note, we are selective on who joins our community because it’s important to us that our core beliefs continue throughout every area of our business.

We welcome businesses to work with us who sit within the categories of gut health/healing and low-tox and natural living.

We only connect our audience with businesses they can trust.

My business was a start-up when I began working with Meagan. Her audience is very much aligned with what my business has to offer and has been great to help raise brand awareness.

Meagan promoted my freebie which was really valuable in growing my email list. I also ran expert sessions in her tight knit group that has allowed me to build trust and credibility in her community. Many of her group members are now my followers and forever customers.

I most appreciated how Meagan goes the extra mile and genuinely cares about my business and wants me to achieve massive success. She has even helped me with things outside of the package, including editing copy for posts and Facebook Ads out of the goodness of her heart.

I would recommend Meagan to anyone in the gut health, wellness and low-tox living niche and have found the entire experience to be amazing!

Nonie Lewicki

CEO, Honestly Natural

WHy us

 Our amazing community is growing everyday. We are currently expanding our Facebook business page and support group by about 100 new members/followers per platform organically each week.

Our community is strong and very supportive both with our members and our businesses. Fostering and growing relationships is what has enabled us to build our community so effectively. We have not just gathered numbers. Our community is a genuine and valuable part of who we are and we focus on supporting those who support us.

Our community at The Gut Healing Community is built on a strong base and our positioning continues to prove itself every day. We hear it in our groups, in our inbox and as comments. The Gut Healing Community offers that idealistic hub for people who are wanting to heal their gut, regain their health and stick to a low-tox and healthy lifestyle.

What do you think it could do for your business if our niche of gut health seekers found your business easily?

Ways to get exposure

Option 1

Want a prime piece of online space?

Get your brand and offers on to our site so that our visitors can find you, trust you and become your customers. 

We create an ad design and place it on our high traffic web pages and funnel the traffic to you.


option 2

We write an SEO optimized blog post to educate our audience about your amazing products or services.

We then share this post to our:

Facebook Business Page, Facebook group, Instagram, Pinterest, our mailing list and of course it stays on our website for a minimum of 6 months

option 3

We promote your business on our social channels. 

This includes posts, stories or videos depending on the right fit for your content. 



Option 4

Gain a spot in our exclusive directory.

Only businesses who align with our ideals and share our taregt market get selected for a place.

Listings are strictly by application, so apply for your spot today.

As a new nutritionist, becoming visible in the industry of health and well being was really important. I joined the gut healing community as a nutritionist because it aligned with my values and areas of practice and to help me increase my reach. Not only did it help me become visible in my business, by having access to the group to interact, to hold Q&A sessions and to connect with the community, Meagan has been an enormous support, guidance and inspiration in my business and I am grateful for her being so open and generous. I would recommend the gut healing community to anyone looking to be involved in an amazing health & wellness space.

Melissa Cavenagh

Holistic Nutritionist, Flourishing Families Holistic Nutrition

Meet Meagan

 I’m Meagan Rayment. Wife to Scotty, mother to Meika, and gut health advocate.

Welcome to our community.

We pride ourselves on delivering valuable, up to date content, building our engaging communities on social media and connecting families with useful products and resources to improve and maintain their health. I look forward to connecting with you.

I’ve taken my own personal experience and channelled all my time and energy in to building The Gut Healing Community.

If you’re looking to expand your reach by connecting with an audience of people seeking a healthy lifestyle, we’d love to connect with you too.