“All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates


Our mission at The Gut Healing Community is to fast track your journey to better health through sharing information and support.

Whether you are just starting your gut health journey, or already well established along the way, The Gut Healing Community will offer you resources, information and support to continue that journey to Better Health for you and your family.

How we can support you on your journey


Wholefoods, Low-Tox Mums Membership

Have you been thinking of making some healthier life choices but are in need of some guidance and encouragement?

Want to super charge your families gut and immune health with simple swaps and additions without having to get a nutrition degree or become a master chef

Do you struggle to come up with healthy meals and keeping the toxic load down and revert back to less healthy choices? (Don’t beat yourself up, you’re human – we can help!).

Do you even know where to start? – Soooo much info out there!

Or maybe you’re already on a healthy path but want access to our delicious recipe vault so you can drop the mental load of thinking up meals everyday? 

Nodding away to all of the above? Then it’s time to join our Wholefoods, Low Tox Mums Membership! 

Let us help you switch to a healthier life with ease and support.



We have a variety of programs both in development stage and also some that we open a few times a year.

These include:

  • Fermenting for Families
  • Gut Healing Foods – How to guide
  • Fussy to Foodie Program
  • Optimal Gut Health: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Navigating Product Labels in a toxic world
  • Navigating Food Labels – what can I eat?

If any of these sound like something you might be interested in, please head over to the Programs Page and have a look!




Meagan created a safe space for people who are experiencing gut issues or have overcome them, to safely share our healing journeys.

Our struggles and wins, gut health education, tricks and tips, recipes and toxin free living ideas.

We have experts in the group that you can call upon when you need expert advice.

Active gut healing can be a difficult and lonely journey. Connecting with others walking a similar path can help lighten the load.

Feel free to share your story and also reach out for support when it is all getting a bit too much. There is bound to be someone in the group who has been in your shoes before and cyber hugs don’t cost a thing.


Disclaimer: None of the information or advice shared in the group should be taken as medical advice. Do your own research and seek professional advice from a recommended practitioner.



Think bone broth, healing soups and teas to help keep the winter bugs away!
Yes please! Send me the recipes!

Connect with us on our Socials for all the latest updates and info.

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