Hi I’m Nonie, owner of Honestly Natural and Kindergarten teacher. Most of my life I have followed a more natural path as my family have always been on a more natural journey. So I was fairly well informed about what goes on and in our bodies etc.. But it wasn’t until I became pregnant with my daughter that I really started to notice that not all natural products were created equal. I started to research ingredients in EVERYTHING that I touched or ate. My husband would tell you I was a little nuts, he stopped shopping with me for some reason. Maybe because I had to read every product I picked up and took twice as long to shop.

When I started to look for natural products for myself during pregnancy and when Ellie was born in 2014, I was horrified with how so many brands and shops are misleading customers. I kept finding ‘natural’ products in health shops or online which weren’t so natural. These products contained chemicals or ingredients which didn’t need to be in there!

Honestly Natural

Organic, naturally derived, free of parabens – you would think these are great wouldn’t you? But this was all marketing and I was shocked to say the least. Some ingredients were formaldehyde releasers, known allergens or had very high toxicity levels. These were the ‘natural’ products; the ones in the health shops. Don’t get me started on what is in mainstream products, YUK!

I searched and searched for online stores stocking the very safest and I never found one who stocked JUST TRULY natural products. Everywhere had a mix of both, so I was constantly searching through ingredients, researching and pulling my hair out!

Honestly Natural was born from my love of my family’s health, and understanding the misleading claims of natural products and stores. I have created a space with the strictest ingredients policy of any other similar health space. Guaranteed! You can be assured every single ingredient in every product has been thoroughly researched to find you Honestly Natural products, No misleading just the safest products on the market for you and your family. No more frustrating your partner taking 3 times as long to look up ingredients as you can trust each product is the safest choice possible. Every ingredient on the site must only be a rating 1-2 on the EWG scale; all other similar health spaces ingredients most often go up to a 6!

Honestly Natural has the strictest ingredients policy