Sick of coming home from hols feeling bloated or guilty from making poor food choices? There’s been times when we just didn’t go on holidays as the food situation was a bit too tricky. Now I’ve got a pretty good system for prepping and eating while away, so I thought, why not share!

The key is being organised. This doesn’t come naturally to me so I’ve had to train hard lol.

Do up a plan. Write your list. Get all your shopping done. Make the stuff ahead of time that you can freeze, to lighten the workload a little so you’re not so haggard you need to sleep your whole holiday! It is sooooo worth it. I actually have a permanent list just for hols pinned up on my overcrowded fridge.

So ditch the greasy servo food and all the joys that come with it such as bloating, fatigue, guilt and breakouts, and check out these ideas……………………………………….

jars stack really well in your esky and great for healthy easy snacks such as chia pudding

1: Jars, Jars, Jars!

Jars stack really well in your esky and are great for chia puddings, panna cottas, paleo muesli with fruit and yogurt, chocolate avocado mousse, salads, smoothies, ferments, homemade dips and veggie sticks. Really, your imagination is the only limiting factor – so get creating!!!

Avacados are a great healthy easy snack for road trips

2: Avos!!!

Avo’s are my favourite snack. Packed full of good fats to keep you satiated. I just cut one in half, squeeze on some lemon, sprinkle with pepper and eat it with a teaspoon. Then there’s my daggy version of sushi – just nori sheets wrapped around about half and avo sliced, with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and some black sesame seeds sprinkled on before rolling it up. It’s not pretty, but it’s yummy!

You can get fancy and put grated carrot, sprouts, cucumber sticks, chicken strips etc. I prep mine just before I eat them. Just whack on your avo and add the salad you prepped in your jar prior to take off, and roll!

I get my Nori sheets from iherb as they are organic and made with olive oil rather than the usual highly processed vegetable oil ones from the supermarket. I buy a bulk pack as we go through it pretty quickly in my house. You can just get a small pack to try. They also have an option that is a raw organic seaweed with nothing else added. It’s not quite the same as usual Nori but it’s pretty good. Use code GAN2478 to receive a 5% discount off of your first ever i-herb order.

Mini muffins and quiches are great healthy easy snacks for road trips

3: Mini Muffins and Quiches

These are great for a sweet or savoury treat and you can freeze these so they keep longer in the esky. There’s so many quick, easy and healthy recipes out there. Check out my simple banana berry blender muffin recipe here. Pinterest is your best friend for mini quiche recipes. You can’t go past a bacon, egg and zucchini mini quiche and they are so easy to munch on while on the road.

seedy crackers and probiotic dip make a healthy easy snack

4: Seedy Crackers and Probiotic dip

Warning!!! These won’t last long! To the chia seeds you can add your choice of your  favourite seeds, a pinch of turmeric, salt, water and a sprinkle of bone broth powder! I like the Changing Habits one to add into these types of recipes. You can find my cracker recipe here.

For the Guacamole, it can be as easy or fancy as you like. Just mash your avo with a bit of salt and pepper and tip a little sauerkraut juice in til its a nice consistency. This will help your dip keep longer. Or you can add diced red onion, crushed garlic, fresh chopped coriander and some sliced chilli.

pork crackling snacks

4: Pork crackling snacks

This did seem a little odd to me at first but my daughter and I absolutely love snacking on crackling. We get the leftover skin that our organic butcher cuts away from the pork chops. He scores and cuts it in to strips for us – cos hey, we are special! Just kidding, we just ask nicely. These are best made on the day of your trip. You can still eat the next day but they aren’t quite as special. Check out my recipe here.

Bone broth concentrate

5. Bone Broth Concentrate

Something I never go away without. It’s so easy to pop a teaspoon of powdered goodness rich in minerals, collagen and gelatin in to a keep cup and add hot water from your thermos. I often have a cup of broth with my snacks/meals, or even instead of a snack. My favourites are Tonemade, Broth of Life and Changing Habits. There’s no need to drop this healing ritual while away!!!

If all else fails – google a healthy restaurant/café in the town you are passing through. I was pleasantly surprised to find a deliciously healthy cafe, tucked away in a country town beyond the black stump, on my drive from the Sunshine Coast all the way to Dysart in Central Queensland! It’s so good that these healthy cafes are popping up everywhere!

Happy Road Trippin!!!!

Stay Safe and healthy!

If you would like a heap more recipes, tips and ideas to help you and your fam heal from the inside out, and eat more healthy foods to set them up for life, please check out my Gut Healing, Wholefood Mums Program for quick, easy and affordable swaps for a healthier life.