Are you stuck for Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2020?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself for the kids or getting something for your own Mum, let me help you out with some suggestions that will be sure to uplift in these crazy times.

All my suggestions are low-tox or in some way related to health and wellness, cos that’s my thing. My Mum cops the side-effects of my love for health and wellness in her gifts by means of recipe books, healthy wholefoods gifts or low tox body and beauty gifts.

So here it is……………………

Image Kultured Wellness

Gutalicious – the cookbook

This amazing cookbook has the tastiest recipes that are incredibly quick and easy to make. Every single recipes makes you want to drool – so that’s gotta be a winner right?

The food photography is also absolutely stunning! Some of the recipes require the ferment starters from Kultured Wellness – Coconut water kefir and coconut yoghurt. But many do not so it’s not a must to get them. If you do get them, be sure to use code: guthealing at checkout to save some pennies!

Healthy Non-stick Cookware

It is actually scary that so many people are using teflon coated or similar non PFOA cookware. The toxins that are leached in to otherwise healthy foods and then in to our bodies disrupt hormones and causes damage to our guts.

Does your Mum still use the regular non-stick pans? If so you can sneakily stop her from doing this by getting her one of these amazing Nature+ Neoflam non-stick pans. I am absolutely in love with mine! It’s the best non-stick pan I’ve ever used and even better – you can get it on Afterpay and pay if off over a month to make it a more manageable investment. I got the sky blue 30cm and will be investing in a 24cm soon.


Low-Tox Nail Polish

Are you or your Mum nail polish fans? If so there’s a few things to look for when buying your nail polish. If you can get one that is ‘the 7 free’ than your nail polish will be a lot less harmful to you body. You can read all about Decoding Non Toxic Nail Polishes here.

If the thought of a low-tox nail polish tickles your fancy than brands like ‘nails’ by nourished life is a great place to start. And be sure to get a Low Tox polisher remover like this one so you don’t undo all your positive changes.


Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gift Pack

This gorgeous gift pack would be a welcome gift for most Mums. I know i’d be pretty happy with it! Would you?

What’s inside:

  • Remedy Kombucha in Peach (full-size)
  • Pana Chocolate – Salted Caramel Bar (full-size)
  • The Beauty Chef Well Spray 30ml (full-size)
  • Life Basics Cacay Oil 25ml (full-size)
  • ECO. AROMA Calm & Destress Blend 10ml (full-size)
  • Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Mist – Signature Unscented 20ml
  • Retreatment Botanics Restore Serum 3ml (sample)
  • La Mav BRONZE Gradual Tanning Moisturiser 10ml (sample)
  • Weleda Calendula Face Cream 10ml (sample)
  • Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo Mini 15g OR Orange & Vanilla Crème Body Wash Mini 15g
  • Black Chicken Trancesdence Perfume Sample Sachet

A little bit of everything to cover all bases!


Vegan Food Wraps

Ditch the plastics and switch to reusable wraps. You can put them straight on to half an avo and keep it fresh for days, or put over a bowl instead of cling wrap. I use them everyday in an effort to reduce our toxic load and our impact on the environment. They come in a range of sizes all in this pack.

Every little change makes a teeny little difference that all adds up. Every year I get my Mum something like any of the above. She gets excited about the fact that it’s something new to her – so always has an element of novelty and when she uses them I know that it will make an impact on her life and health – win win!

I hope you enjoy a Happy Mother’s Day!

For those of you that find this time of year extra tough, massive hugs for you. Sending love xx